S5 E2 – Revisitng Kansas City Painter Ryan Toelkes and how Benjamin Moore supports Painters with Craig Bunting | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Welcome back to the Brush. This week, Nick chats with Craig Bunting from Benjamin Moore about what he does as director of end user marketing and what services the company offers to build relationships with its end users- painters. And he invites Ryan Toelkes back onto the show to discuss how he handles the winter months and what he hopes to implement in 2019.

Benjamin Moore

A lot of painters already know that the DIY market is shrinking and the “Do It For Me” market is expanding. In response, Benjamin Moore is expanding its services beyond just selling paint.  They provide marketing materials from fliers to jobsite signs to van wraps, and they position their sales reps to be able to answer questions and support local painters in any way that might possibly come up. And, if a local rep isn’t available, they also have a hotline at 866-708-9180.

Toelkes Returns

Last time Ryan Toelkes was on the Business Brush, he discussed his company’s approach to painting exteriors, using two crews on the same job. Nick checks in to see how Toelkes is growing Neighborhood Painting, Inc. One of those ways is by building a space where new painters can get all the training and practice they need to not make the expensive mess they might if they were learning on the job.
Check out what Ryan’s work at KCNeighborhoodPainting.com. And learn more about Benjamin Moore’s resources for painters at Benjaminmoore.com/contractors.

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