S5 E5 – Just Like in a Commercial (Painting Business) with Ryan Gill | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

On this PDCA edition of the Business Brush, Ryan Gill, owner of Brush Strokes Quality Painting in Augusta, Georgia. Gill learned how the business of painting worked as a kid working with his dad who ran an industrial painting business, sandblasting and repainting bridges and grain silos.

For a while, he tried to work a corporate job in management in a cable company until the strain on his personal life got too great. Then he decided he had to return to the brush and got to work building the business he has today.

Nick and Ryan spend a lot of this episode talking about their favorite books, so here’s a list of must read/ must listen books from this conversation:

To see what kind of work Brush Strokes Quality Painting does, visit the Facebook page.

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