S6 E4 – Holding Onto Employees in a steel Grip with Art Snarzyk | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Start your week off on the Business Brush where Nick talks to Art Snarzyk, president of InnerView Advisors and “The Turnover Terminator.” Snarzyk walks Nick through all his experience as a paint contractor to now where he runs InnerView, a company that helps people become better leaders and business owners.

Snarzyk is a former paint contractor who ran a company with friend of the show Nick Lograsso until he figured either both of them could do O.K. or one of them would get rich. So he followed his own passions to become a “behavior analyst” who helps people retool their businesses to work with the people inside it or create room for specific kinds of people.

To lean about Art Snarzyk’s services, visit Innerviewadvisors.com and see how your business can use his services and techniques.

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