S8 E10 – Nick Meets Master Refinisher Jeremy Day | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

In this episode of the Brush, Nick meets old Denverite, now Lincolnite, and old friend, Jeremy Day, of Remy Refinishing.

Jeremy built a name for himself in Colorado as a master refinisher, specializing in cabinetry, before his family commitments took him to Nebraska, mistakenly called the “Great American Desert” by European Explorers. Jeremy talks about his experience jumping state and how it’s been starting over in a smaller market.

Other great advice that comes out of this episode includes best practices when it comes to hiring employees, how to figure what to pay employees, investing in your business, and knowing your numbers.

To find out more about Jeremy you can visit him at the remyrefinishing.com website, his Facebook page and be sure to check out his stellar online reviews.

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