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FORJAK Industrial’s Matt Palmisciano | S9E11

Tired of getting on a scissor-lift to paint several feet above ground, FORJAK Industrial had to get creative. Today on The Business Brush, Nick learns all about Forjak’s Better Faster Finish system from Matt Palmisciano (head of Business Development and Finance for Forjak). The ingenious invention lets the operator coat high-volume, low-detail structures from the...

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Talking Sales, Project Managers & More with Jeremy Brooks | S9E10

Welcome back to another episode of The Business Brush, and welcome back returning guest Jeremy Brooks of Brooks Painting. Jeremy joins Nick this week to continue their discussion on project managers and sales teams. The strengths of one are definitely not the strengths of the other, and that goes for needs as well. For instance,...

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Marketing 101 with Nick May at Crank Spring 2020 | S9E9

For this week’s episode of The Business Brush, we’d like to bring you a little slice of our Crank event from earlier this spring. Specifically Nick’s talk on Marketing 101. While we often get into various specifics on the business of painting, usually coming from the point of view of our guests, we don’t always...

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