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Season 10 Premiere! | From Jailbird to Paint Contractor: Chris Mole | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

We have revamped The Business Brush for this season – new intro, new music, new format and new co-host: Chris Shank!

Nick and Shank are joined by Chris Mole of Mr. Mole’s Painting and it turns into more of a mentoring session. A member of The Business Brush Group, Chris Mole has learned from Nick and implemented what he’s learned in his business. We are trying something new this week and breaking it up into two episodes.  Look for the rest of this interview in a bonus episode on Friday!

Broad-strokes include: Chris Mole’s immigration to the US, joining The Business Brush Group, ways to pay employees – and much more!

Click on the links for more information on PPP Loan Forgiveness and the Roadmap To Profit course.

Today’s sponsor is Benjamin Moore Paints.

Chris Shank, Newest Addition to iMay Media | S9E12 | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

One of iMay Media’s newest members, Chris Shank joins Nick today on The Business Brush where they discuss what the team has been working on behind the scenes. Chris Shank comes with vast knowledge and experience in webinars, big events and educational materials.

Broad-strokes include: introduction of Roadmap to Profit, burning out in business, and introduction to the team.