S4 E11 – Tax Time All the Time with Craig Cody | PAINTING PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Accounting 101

On the first Business Brush of 2019, Nick sits down with Craig Cody, a certified public accountant who focuses on helping small business do their taxes as efficiently as possible. Cody explains how he runs his business to help other business owners keep as much money as they can at the end of every year.

Some pieces of advice from this discussion: 

-Business owners should be talking to their tax people all year. It helps them keep on top of deductions and records even when their hands are full making money and managing.

-As soon as possible, start paying wages to yourself and employees. It lowers liability and saves in the long run.

-Find out exactly what deductions you can make. If you’re somebody who works from home, you might be able to deduct for a home office, a home gym or even a pool.
If you want to learn more about Craig Cody and Company, visit the website craigcodyandcompany.com, and check out craigcodyandcompany.com/businessbrush to get a free copy of Craig Cody’s book “10 Biggest Tax Mistakes That Cost Owners Thousands.”

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