S5 E1 – Following Best Leadership Practices with John Neubert | PAINTING PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Welcome back to the Business Brush! To start season 5, Nick gets back to the Brush’s marketing roots in a chat with John Neubert, who’s been running Neubert Painting since 1975. They discuss all the ways the owner of a business can lead a team to accomplish the businesses goals.


Leadership means reconciling your own interests with the interests of your employees, clients and even potential clients. Nick and John chat about how often a leader should hold meetings to keep their employees on the same page, how to convince clients to complete surveys and how to offer different services to people in different markets and economic situations.

You can see the work Neubert Painting is doing on its Facebook page with Nick’s coaching and visit the Neubert Painting YouTube channel where they’ve started posting testimonials

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