S5 E4 – Small Business Naked Reprise: Analog Marketing with Johnny Battle | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

This week on The Business Brush, Nick sits down with his old friend and former co-host Johnny Erbert to talk about door hangers and how any exterior-focused business like Walls By Design or Johnny’s Erbert Lawns can best use traditional marketing materials.

Johnny has been in lawn care since he was 12, so he knows about every trick there is for reaching clients, and he shares them here. In addition to his 36-year lawn care career, he also runs JohnnyBattle.com, an embroidery company that will add a company’s logo to shirts, jackets, hats and accessories.
You can go to EbertLawns.com to see what kind of branding Johnny does and you can peruse JohnnyBattle.com to maybe add extend your new marketing push from door hangers to clothing as well.

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