S6 E6 – Home Improvement Guru Tom Lopatosky | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

Welcome back to the Business Brush. Nick is starting this week with a chat with Tom Lopatosky, the home improvement guru. Lopatosky found painting as a college kid with a drive to succeed in whatever he had in front of him, and he’s grown that into LOPCO Contracting, a company that doesn’t just paint but also does carpentry, windows and restorations.

Lopatosky shares his philosophy about how to weed out the best leads, how to get the most out of traditional marketing techniques and how “if they ask if we paint elephant toenails in India, tell them ‘yes, we do that.'”

To see all the work Lopatosky and his team do, check out their website LOPCOContracting.com and the Facebook page that boasts more than 17,000 followers.

The Business Brush is supported by its sponsors like Benjamin-Moore, which is underwriting the Business Brush Road Show, which will be stopping in the Oregon and Washington June 17-19

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