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This Week's Guest:

Dimitrios Sevastos

Our next guest is a tall, burly guy who likes to be outdoors, kayaking and skeet shooting, and gardening. Nick May is joined by Dimitrios Sevastos of Optimus Primers today on The Business Brush. It’s important to fill your free time doing things you love.

Dimitrios is a painter that grew up in the industry, had a different career path, and entered the world of painting later in life. His father ran a painting company in Florida. He decided to study computer science and worked in that field for some time. He later started Optimus Primers when he didn’t want to stare at a computer screen anymore. Based in New York, Optimus Primers specializes in commercial interior and exterior painting.

Broad-strokes include: PPN Caliber 10 groups, taking on his father’s business, going digital – and much more!

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