PCA Expo Special: PT. 3 | S9E2

We’re not done with PCA Expo yet.

This time Nick May is joined again by Chris Shank, as well as Nick Lograsso and Nick Slavik. (Chris & The Nicks is the name of their jam band, they’re here all week.) In addition to excitement for the expo at large, the boys take a step back and really try to get at the core of what makes a trade association important and valuable in the first place. As business owners, as painters, as people.

Hey, you’re people too! Go ahead and sound off in The Business Brush Group with your opinion as well. The more data and conversation, the better. Especially now, when we’re all trying to figure out the best way to survive the current landscape.

Broad-strokes include: How to approach scope, clients don’t read anything, revisiting paper in a digital world, feelings vs. data driven – and much more.

Season 9 Premiere! | PCA Expo Special: Pregame Pt. 1 & 2

The Business Brush is back, baby!

Pt. 1

Way back in the halcyon days of February 2020, four intrepid paint professionals got together and made a podcast at the PCA Expo. Join Nick May, Chris Shank, Gina Koert, and Andrew Dwyer as they tease their talks, cover the pregame, share their excitement and just goof off really.

Broad-strokes include: Is Tom Brady okay?, talk teases, brain melds, excited about PCA2020, legitimate wings.

Pt. 2

Nick and Chris return, now joined by Morgan Ray and Jeremy Barton. Everybody shares a little bit of background, then the guys pick Morgan’s brain, who shares the importance of wielding accounting like a sharp instrument – not a blunt one. The takeaway? Know your numbers and make better-informed decisions.

Broad-strokes include: Competing for a job, what is managerial accounting, more excitement for PCA2020, implement what you learn.

S8 E10 – Nick Meets Master Refinisher Jeremy Day

In this episode of the Brush, Nick meets old Denverite, now Lincolnite, and old friend, Jeremy Day, of Remy Refinishing.

S8 E9 – Hilarity Ensues @ Fall Crank ’19… Nick Meets Nick Slavic, Jason Paris and Chris Shank

It’s a very fancy episode this week on the Brush, as Nick takes a break from his duties @ Crank to sit down with three of the biggest characters in the industry, Nick Slavic, Jason Paris and Chris Shank.

S8 E8 – Nick Meets Master Painter Dan Ross

“Being the best painter is not all that there is – if you can’t stay in business, being the best painter doesn’t mean anything. You really have to get your business life in order.”

S8 E7 – Corrie Leister Talks Dreaming Big, Spirituality And Stepping Out With Amber McKee

In this inspiring episode, special guest host Corrie Leister of Inspired By You, interviews artist, painter, restoration expert and visionary business leader Amber McKee.

S8 E5 – Guest Host Nick Slavic Talks Tools And Technology With Zach Kenney

In this special episode, guest host Nick Slavic talks to Zach Kenney of ZK Painting about a subject rarely covered on the Brush – painting tools and technology.

S8 E4 – Color Consults & Working With Contractors With Emily Lauderback

In this episode Nick and guest Emily Lauderback discuss the subtle and precise art of color consultation and they go deep into the process of working with contractors.

S8 E3 – Conor O’Keefe

Today on the Business Brush, Nick talks to one of Minnesota’s fine painters, Conor O’Keefe of O’Keefe Painting in Minneapolis. They chat about how to avoid having the same problem more than twice and how they’ve gone about fixing problems that do arise multiple times.  
Check out Conor O’Keefe at OkeefePainting.com.