S1 E5 – Tyler LaChapelle

Digital Marketing

Tyler LaChapelle is the manager of digital marketing at Nick’s company Walls By Design. Tyler speaks about his expertise working with Google Ads. This is great information for any business looking to market their company. Tyler speaks about the difference between broad and narrow keywords, why SEM can be better than SEO, and why it’s important to be aware of your web presence. Tyler and Nick also speak about an amazing online tool that can help you with competitor research and up your web presence. Find out more at www.ahrefs.com.

S1 E4- Andrew Gaudet

Starting a Business

Andrew Gaudet had been painting for years, but in fall of 2017 decided it was time to start his own business, Crow and The Coast Finishings. On this episode of The Business Brush, Nick speaks with Andrew about why he started his business, and when to start hiring employees.

S1 E3 – Tyler Hansen

How to Be a Painter 101

On this episode of The Business Brush, Nick speaks with up-and-coming painter, Tyler Hansen of Painting by Tyler. Tyler is a painter from New Jersey who started his business 3 years ago. Nick coaches Tyler on systems, the importance of deciding where you want your business to go, and how to turn your dreams into goals by working backward.


Paint for the Environment

George Zarogiannis is the first guest on The Business Brush and the founder of EcoPainting, Inc. in Toronto, Canada. In this episode, George speaks with Nick about the origins of EcoPainting, why he prefers to hire employees over subcontractors, how he markets his business, and his strong focus on minimizing EcoPainting’s impact on the environment. Enjoy!

S1 E1 – Nick’s Story

How it All Started

Welcome to the first episode of The Business Brush! The Business Brush is a new podcast by The Chaise Lounge host, Nick May, all about the business of being a paint contractor. In today’s episode, Nick goes over the story of how he started his company, Walls by Design, in Denver, CO., the different phases of running a business, and why he believes systemizing your business operations is so important. Remember to subscribe to The Business Brush on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts and feel free to leave us a review. To contact The Business Brush, go to www.thebusinessbrush.com.