S4 E4 – Overcoming Addiction & Finding Success: Eddie Bourbeau

Overcoming it All

Today on the brush we have Eddie. He is the founder of All Island Applications, in Long Island, New York. Eddie talks about his experiences of becoming a painter and his experiences at Crank Fall 2018. On the Podcast, Eddie discusses overcoming addiction and his documentary with Camp Campo, please click the link to hear more of Eddie’s story.

S4 E3- Facebook Marketing Strategies: Tyler Hansen

Social Media or Bust

Today on The Brush we have Tyler Hansen of Painting by Tyler. Tyler and Nick talk about new Facebook marketing strategies, and how to compete as a new painter in your first five years.

S4 E2 – Running a Successful Family Paint Business: Gina Koert

Family First

Today on The Brush we have Gina Koert of Shamrock Painting Inc. Gina Talks about running a family business that has now stretched two generations! Gina also talks about the commercial side of painting and gives insights and tips from maintaining employees to commercial practices.

S4 E1 – Rebranding & Hiring via Facebook: Andrew Gaudet

Third Time’s a Charm

Today on the brush we have Andrew Gaudet of Raven Painting, in Canada! Andrew is back for his third time on The Brush. Andrew goes over hiring workers on Facebook to his recent re-branding.

S3 E12 – How to Sell a Million Dollars Using Facebook: Nick May

Join Nick as he talks live from Denver all about Facebook and how to use it to make more money.

S3 E11 – The Pros & Cons of Franchising: JD Mason

To Franchise or Not to Franchise

Today on The Brush we have JD Mason of Emerald Pro Painting! JD stopped by the office to check out Nick’s operations at Walls By Design and the two sat down for a great chat on the pros and cons of franchising.

JD grew up in Utah, about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, and loved being out in nature. He’s got three kids, two boys, and a girl, but he and Nick both agree that weathering the teenage years has its challenges. Now, he’s based out of North Carolina and is expanding Emerald Pro Painting across the country.

JD spent ten years in a paint store as a paint manager and outside seller, and he loved working with contractors. Five years ago, JD was recruited by a national franchise group and he did corporate training for them. He then started his own company with some of the systemized approaches he learned in corporate and focused on commercial and light residential work. But he had a non-compete contract with his former employer, a huge national franchise, and he found himself relocating to North Carolina, which he really liked and adapted to.

Emerald Pro does cabinet refinishing, exterior painting, and interior work, and JD loves getting creative with customers to fit their need. His model is starting with a subcontractor who moves into a full-time staff position. Right now, with his training here in Denver, he has ten franchises! He loves fine-tuning the systems and training and team building and all of that, so he’s in the right business. But it can be frustrating when franchisers don’t follow the system.

Listen to learn more, and connect with JD via email at jd@emeraldpropainting.com

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S3 E10 -Digital Marketing Strategy: iMayMedia

iMayMedia Web and Marketing with Tyler and Chandler

Welcome back to The Brush! Today we’re ecstatic to have two members of Nick’s iMayMedia group to talk all things digital. It’s a great look at iMayMedia, our new media company specializing in audio, video, web, and digital marketing.

Gone are the days of canvassing, mailers, and cold calling. Now, being successful in the digital space is the kicker in getting new clients and growing your business. We’re talking SEO, SEM, web development, concise writing, and creative solutions to showcase the unique aspects of your paint contracting company.

On the podcast you can also get to know Chandler, iMayMedia’s web developer. She’s originally from Nashville and became an expert on web development — wait for it — on her own time. Tyler’s been a mainstay at Walls By Design and iMayMedia for years now, and will be speaking again at CRANK 2.0. Don’t miss it!

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S3 E9 – Growing Pains + Finding Success: Christian Militello

The Pains of Success

Today on The Brush we have Christian Militello of Militello Painting. He’s a contractor based outside of Philadelphia and a family man with a really interesting perspective on hiring, time management, and building a business.

In his free time, Christian is into softball, golf and coaching his kids’ sports teams. He loves to hang out with family and friends at the beach and in the Poconos. As for his favorite car, he’s partial to ’57 Chevys.

His family has ties in industry: his grandfather was a Korean war veteran and became a jack-of-all-trades handyman, and the knowledge was passed down to Christian. In high school and college, Christian played baseball instead of going to class many days and hoped to become a professional athlete. When that didn’t work out, though, he fell into painting and was surprised to find that he enjoyed it so much. After a few jobs, he worked as a painter for a friend he knew through baseball. Luckily, the two maintained a friendship that has lasted to this day. Chris did learn a few things when painting: how he should act as a boss, the pros and cons of being in charge, and how to weather tough times.

Today, Chris employs eight painters and is partnered with Angelina, his wife, who has worked with him for about seven years sending out invoices, answering phones, doing payroll, and so forth — all while raising the three kids! He also has three foremen and could use a crew leader. But he’s slated to hit about a million dollars for the first time ever this year! (And the first million is the hardest to hit. It took Nick about 17 years.)

The two chat about growing pains, like adding new expenses and staffers that aren’t directly income producing. Chris is focusing on being present at expos and events, starting a sales training program, and putting more thought and energy into hiring. They also dive into hiring processes, training, and marketing strategies.

Thanks for coming on the show, Chris! To learn more, visit his Facebook page and head over to www.millitellopainting.com! Don’t be a stranger — reach out to him to learn more!

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S3 E8 – Custom, High-End, New Build Projects: Dustin Zupancic

 Customize Your Business

Today on The Brush we have Dustin Zupancic of Dreamscape Painting! His firm specializes in high-end, custom, residential jobs and works closely with builders.

Dustin hails from outside of Vancouver B.C., and when he’s not working, he loves spending time outside with his three kids. He loves to cycle when he has time, but unfortunately, he’s recovering from a back injury and just injured his knee. Instead, he’s planning on brushing up on his salmon-fishing skills.

Nick met Dustin at this year’s PDCA in Galveston and had a great conversation on The Brush.

Today, Dreamscape is a team of eight painters, including Dustin’s Dad and brother-in-law, as well as a part-time office assistant and soon to be an operations manager. Dreamscape’s niche is the ultra high-end residential project. Last year, his team finished up a 17,000 sq. ft. house and put 11,000 hours put into it. And the year before, they worked on a project for two years! The rest of their work is medium-higher end homes, and Dustin is actually planning on servicing smaller homes to keep his guys busy.

Dustin says he’s excited to transition from his nitty-gritty oversight role and focus more on his vision for the future. A big challenge for him is scheduling with builders: in big-project situations, you have to have enough people to respond quickly to builders’ needs, but if you have too many people and projects get delayed, that can be a bad financial situation.

Listen to learn more, and connect with Dustin at www.dreamscapepainting.com and on Instagram @dreamscapeptg!

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