S4 E8 – Instagram + Paint Mastery: Zach Kenney

Jack of All Trades

Zach Kenney is a young contractor who planned on being a neurosurgeon until the he discovered the best use for his brain was running his own business, ZK Painting.

Kenney is a Fine Paints of Europe master certified painter and  Instagram whiz who didn’t know to call #s “hashtags” when he started out, until a random video of his painting a fence went viral in Brazil, starting him on the path to master marketing through Instagram to more than 13,000 followers.
Visit his website at zkpainting.com/ and at @zkpainting on Instagram,

S4 E7 – Organic Website Growth: Dana Tucker

Bring Me the Money!

Today on The Brush Nick interviews Dana Tucker Co-Owner of Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes. Dana talks about how she has grown her painting business by organic growth of her website. She brings in over 90% of her business through her website. Dana also talks about how she has turned her conciliation services in a money-making opportunity. Nick and Dana end with talking about baby steps to turn your business model from subcontractors into employees.

S4 E6 – Hiring & Training Millennials: Nick Slavic


Today on The Brush we have the one and only Nick Slavic. The conversation starts with hiring the right people and how to train millennials. It then goes to talking about statistics and the importance of implementing systems. If you have not listened to Nick Slavic ask a painter please visit it on Facebook.

S4 E5 – Market Analysis & ROI: Tyler LaChapelle

Research Before you Market

Today on The Brush we have our very own Tyler LaChapelle, of iMay Media. Tyler talks about the world of market research. Then dives into conducting a Market Analysis, and how this allows you to surpass your competition and increase your ROI.

S4 E4 – Overcoming Addiction & Finding Success: Eddie Bourbeau

Overcoming it All

Today on the brush we have Eddie. He is the founder of All Island Applications, in Long Island, New York. Eddie talks about his experiences of becoming a painter and his experiences at Crank Fall 2018. On the Podcast, Eddie discusses overcoming addiction and his documentary with Camp Campo, please click the link to hear more of Eddie’s story.

S4 E3- Facebook Marketing Strategies: Tyler Hansen

Social Media or Bust

Today on The Brush we have Tyler Hansen of Painting by Tyler. Tyler and Nick talk about new Facebook marketing strategies, and how to compete as a new painter in your first five years.

S4 E2 – Running a Successful Family Paint Business: Gina Koert

Family First

Today on The Brush we have Gina Koert of Shamrock Painting Inc. Gina Talks about running a family business that has now stretched two generations! Gina also talks about the commercial side of painting and gives insights and tips from maintaining employees to commercial practices.

S4 E1 – Rebranding & Hiring via Facebook: Andrew Gaudet

Third Time’s a Charm

Today on the brush we have Andrew Gaudet of Raven Painting, in Canada! Andrew is back for his third time on The Brush. Andrew goes over hiring workers on Facebook to his recent re-branding.

S3 E12 – How to Sell a Million Dollars Using Facebook: Nick May

Join Nick as he talks live from Denver all about Facebook and how to use it to make more money.