S2 E10 – Nick on Phones

Undercover Client: How Do You Answer the Phone?

In a special episode of The Business Brush, Nick takes to the phones to go undercover and learn firsthand how paint contractors approach customer service. He even calls his own business and one friend of the podcast, for a fascinating insight into our industry. Thanks for listening!

S2 E9 – Dave Scaturro

 Family Owned Business

Today on The Brush Nick sits down with Jersey-based contractor Dave Scaturro, who discusses the challenges and rewards of growing his family-owned Alpine Painting Company.

S2 E8 – Nick Slavik on Sales

How to Grow Your Business

Today on the Brush Nick chats with Nick Slavik from blustery Minnesota. The two get into the nitty-gritty of sales, management, and best practices to grow a business from the inside out. If you need business management advice in plain English, you’ve come to the right place!

S2 E7 – Garrett Martell

Two Day Painting

Today on the Brush Nick speaks with Garrett Martell, founder of Two Day Painting in the greater Milwaukee, WI area. The two discuss how Garrett became interested in paint contracting and how Garrett doubles and even triples his revenue every year.

S2 E6 – Chris Berry

The Idaho Painter

Today on the Brush, Chris Berry joins Nick on the podcast to talk about his journey from police officer to owner of a successful painting business, as well as his highly popular YouTube channel The Idaho Painter.

S2 E5 – John Neubert

A Million Dollar Business

Today on the Brush, John Neubert of Neubert Painting joins Nick on the podcast to talk about how to build a million dollar painting business in Ohio.

S2 E4 – Nick on Piece Rate

To Pay Performance System, or Not

Nick speaks on the pros and cons of a pay for performance system. Nick goes into why he decided to switch to the piece rate system, how it has affected the efficiency of his business, and just how much his guys are making on this system.

S2 E3 – Brent Judd

Ready, Set, Manage!

Today on the Brush, Nick speaks with Brent Judd of Pro Finish Painting from Springfield, IL. Nick speaks with Brent about some of the challenges he has been facing with his 3-year-old business, such as doing consistent marketing and taking massive action. Nick also speaks about only going after projects that you’re ready for because messing up a project you’re not ready for could put you out of business.

S2 E2 – Torlando Hakes

The Theory of Color

Today on The Business Brush is Torlando Hakes of Color Theory. Torlando speaks with Nick about the history of Color Theory and the challenges that he faces as a business owner.