Season 4

S4 E3- Facebook Marketing Strategies: Tyler Hansen

Social Media or Bust

Today on The Brush we have Tyler Hansen of Painting by Tyler. Tyler and Nick talk about new Facebook marketing strategies, and how to compete as a new painter in your first five years.

S4 E2 – Running a Successful Family Paint Business: Gina Koert

Family First

Today on The Brush we have Gina Koert of Shamrock Painting Inc. Gina Talks about running a family business that has now stretched two generations! Gina also talks about the commercial side of painting and gives insights and tips from maintaining employees to commercial practices.

S4 E1 – Rebranding & Hiring via Facebook: Andrew Gaudet

Third Time’s a Charm

Today on the brush we have Andrew Gaudet of Raven Painting, in Canada! Andrew is back for his third time on The Brush. Andrew goes over hiring workers on Facebook to his recent re-branding.