Pro Painter Network Bookkeeping Partner Danny Mullins | S10E12 | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

This Week’s Guest: Danny Mullins Bookkeeping: easy to leave for another day, but that can come with added stress and hardship. To end this season, Danny Mullins with Bookkeeping Express joins Chris Shank on The Business Brush as Danny tells the importance of having your finances in order. Broad-strokes include: common bookkeeping mistakes, bank errors,...

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S4 E12 – Breaking into Retirement Homes with JP Carlton | PAINTING PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

This week, on the Business Brush, Nick learns about how to contractors work in certain kinds of medical facilities. J.P. Carlton is a Virginia-based contractor whose focus is not entirely on paint. After leaving the company he started at right out of college, he launched Carlton Building Services. With his own company, he eventually found a niche in retirement communities and assisted living facilities where Carlton is often the only bidder on contracts that last months at a time.

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