Shank Tank: Operations Managers with Chris Shank | S10E7 | PAINT PODCAST | THE BUSINESS BRUSH

SKIS Painting Walls By Design FORJAK Industrial Operations managers serve an important role in a painting business. On today’s episode of The Business Brush, Chris Shank is joined by Dustin Parr (Walls By Design), Bill Curtindale (SKIS Painting) and Katie Hedges (FORJAK Industrial).  They discuss how their employees are performing their duties among the covid...

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S2 E3 – Brett Judd | Paint Podcast | The Business Brush

Ready, Set, Manage! Today on the Brush, Nick speaks with Brent Judd of Pro Finish Painting from Springfield, IL. Nick speaks with Brent about some of the challenges he has been facing with his 3-year-old business, such as doing consistent marketing and taking massive action. Nick also speaks about only

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S2 E1 – John Busick | Paint Podcast | The Business Brush

Manage Your Projects Right John Busick is the CEO of Bob Kunst Painting, which was founded by his grandfather in 1959. Bob Kunst Painting services residential and commercial projects in Marin County, Novato, and Napa. John is also the founder of Workglue. On today’s episode of the Brush, Nick speaks

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