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Shank Tank: Operations Managers with Chris Shank | S10E7

SKIS Painting Walls By Design FORJAK Industrial Operations managers serve an important role in a painting business. On today’s episode of The Business Brush, Chris Shank is joined by Dustin Parr (Walls By Design), Bill Curtindale (SKIS Painting) and Katie Hedges (FORJAK Industrial).  They discuss how their employees are performing their duties among the covid...

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Phone Marketing: Nick and Shank Give Pointers on Voice Messages | S10E6

Nick May Chris Shank Today on The Business Brush, we bring you an episode on marketing. Your hosts Nick May and Chris Shank call painting companies and critique business’s messages when potential clients call. Broad-strokes include: critiquing voice messages and websites, and they discuss the importance of a clear and concise message To contact Nick...

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From PE Teacher to Painter Matt Orme | S10E5

This Week’s Guest: Matt Orme On this week’s episode, Nick May sits down with Matt Orme on The Business Brush as they discuss Matt’s previous experience as a teacher and basketball coach, and how he uses that background in his business. They also talk about how to cover your weaknesses. Broad-strokes include: teaching/coaching points, hiring...

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