S8 E5 – Guest Host Nick Slavic Talks Tools And Technology With Zach Kenney

In this special episode, guest host Nick Slavic geeks out with Zach Kenney of ZK Painting about subjects rarely covered on the Brush – paint, painting tools and technology.

Jack of All Trades Zach Kenney is a young contractor who planned on being a neurosurgeon until the he discovered the best use for his brain was running his own business, ZK Painting. Kenney is a Fine Paints of Europe master certified painter and Instagram whiz who didn’t know to call #s “hashtags” when he started out, until a random video of his painting a fence went viral in Brazil, starting him on the path to master marketing through Instagram to more than 22,000 followers.

Visit his website at zkpainting.com and at @zkpainting on Instagram.

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