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S7 E10 – Marketing, Marketing, Marketing with Nick, Nick and Nick

On the last episode of season 7 of the Business Brush, Nick May talks to Nicks Slavik and Logrosso of Nick Slavik Painting and Restoration Co. and SNL Painting Inc. respectively about what they’re already doing to boost their businesses through the winter doldrums.

S7 E5 – Knowing Your Value with Corrie Leister

This week on The Business Brush, Nick sits down with cabinet painter Corrie Leister of Inspired By U, a company that specializes in custom painting for furniture and cabinets. She’s also one of the admins for the Facebook groups Painting Kitchen Cabinets for Profit and one of the women behind Cabinet Painting University, an online course that teaches painters how to get started painting cabinets.

This episode is about the joy of painting cabinets, running Facebook groups and freeing yourself from imposter syndrome to reach your full potential.

S5 E1 – Following Best Leadership Practices with John Neubert

Welcome back to the Business Brush. To start season 5, Nick gets back to the Brush’s marketing roots in a chat with John Neubert, who’s been running Neubert Painting since 1975. They discuss all the ways marketing for paint contractors has changed and the best ways to engage potential clients and convert them into actual clients.

S3 E10 -Digital Marketing Strategy: iMayMedia

iMayMedia Web and Marketing with Tyler and Chandler

Welcome back to The Brush! Today we’re ecstatic to have two members of Nick’s iMayMedia group to talk all things digital. It’s a great look at iMayMedia, our new media company specializing in audio, video, web, and digital marketing.

Gone are the days of canvassing, mailers, and cold calling. Now, being successful in the digital space is the kicker in getting new clients and growing your business. We’re talking SEO, SEM, web development, concise writing, and creative solutions to showcase the unique aspects of your paint contracting company.

On the podcast you can also get to know Chandler, iMayMedia’s web developer. She’s originally from Nashville and became an expert on web development — wait for it — on her own time. Tyler’s been a mainstay at Walls By Design and iMayMedia for years now, and will be speaking again at CRANK 2.0. Don’t miss it!

The Business Brush Updates

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